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Business Activities

Petro Union situated on Hafenspitze Düsseldorf, one of the best and busiest business places for the corporate offices in Germany, would like to take this great opportunity to inform about our group of companies activities and its growth. We started our Business in 2001 in Dubai with just one Company in Deira which is one of the business hotspot in Dubai then accordingly with the time progress and we established half a dozen companies in Dubai only and a couple of companies in Sharjah. We have ventured into many fields of business as not limiting to ourselves for the ever welcoming opportunities’ in UAE and Germany. We are involved into the import and export of various products and materials both petroleum and Construction related Products from all over the world. We are into construction related business also we have a very clear and smooth network of communication system and Management chart to carry on the flow of work.

We are have been engaged with few oil Companies to promote their product by getting accredited as an Authorized representative Agency for the entire Germany, europe countries, UAE and Middle East markets. We were entrusted to raise the market value for the product and its brand image in the local/international markets. which we did it less cost effective and more popularity in less than the year


1.We have to capacity to purchase and supply or store in bulk as well loose quantities and on regular as per shipments.
2.We have the best covered as well open yard for the storage for the products in a systematic way. We have nearly 23000sq.mtrs of plot of warehouse to store the products both indoor as well outdoors.
3.We have all the approvals from the Environment Departments and Local Authorities for the storing of the materials in the allotted areas on our plot.
4.We have very efficient logistic and ground operation personnel’s to handle all the imports and export shipments.
5.We have easy access to the Free Zone Ports and Customs because we are having storage facility inside the Free Zone ports and customs area.
6.We have a very sound and solid relationship with our local as well international clients and suppliers.
7.We have been approached by few local companies to promote their business with our Company staff.
8.We have the very good infrastructure to carry on any new business from any genuine company in UAE and Middle East.

Strong Customer Relations:

One of our company in our group of companies is directly related to the construction related industry, we would like to inform you that we have a very good relations with the major developers in this regions and we have a very strong connection with them personally and commercially, for instance just to let you know with the mega project in Hapsahan oil and gas plant in Ruwais (Abu Dhabi). This is to inform you that since we have very good and strong connections with the Habshan oil and gas plant.

The first ADNOC gas processing plant at Habshan was built in 1984 to process sour gas from Thamama-C reservoir off to Bab oil field. Since then, the plant has gone through several expansion projects, increasing its gas processing capacity to make it one of the largest complexes in the world. In this project which is covering a huge area and lengthy constructions of road and power plant buildings, there are many big construction companies engaged in the completion of the project, which is due in 2013 last, we have a very positive feedback and verbal assurance to supply the bitumen product on regular basis by various construction companies on this project as well their other related projects.

Our Targets

In order to growing presence in global market, Petro Union is going to achieve the following target:

1.Enhance quality and quantity of its products and services.
2.Offer competitive price level of products and services.
3.Improve customer satisfaction.
4.Observe full rights of customers and develop lasting business relationships with them.
5.Provide service facilities to customers.
6.Efficient deployment of human resources and promote their capacities.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our customers, our environment and each other. We at Petro Union are driven to deliver quality product and services to all of our customers at a price that reflects true value in the marketplace.

We insure these products and services meet customer expectations and requirements that equal or surpass competition. We have the vision of being the only logical choice for lubricant products and services.
We view our employees as our most important asset. We are committed to providing them a safe and challenging workplace, one that respects and empowers the individual; encourages professional growth; and recognizes outstanding performance.
We look to our suppliers to be our partners in developing and introducing innovative products and services to meet emerging expectations and requirements of our customers.
We have a responsibility to manage the company soundly, profitably, and grow to serve the needs of our customers, our employees, and our communities. We must listen constantly to our customers to learn how their industry is changing and how we must change as their supplier. We have an obligation to protect and preserve our environment and natural resources.
We will develop standards which measure performance and provide training and instruction to insure conformance for all employees with a common goal - error free work. We are committed to the highest ethical and legal standards in all aspects of our business conduct.